Latest Photos of Gandahati waterfalls of odisha

Gandahati waterfalls of odisha, India

Gandahati waterfalls photos

 Gandahati waterfalls of odisha photos

Gandahati Waterfall is a small but beautiful waterfall of Gajapati District in Southern Odisha. Since years, elephants used to come to the waterfalls to bath and drink water. Therefore, it has the name Gandahati. Locals have witnessed many other animals come there during the evening time. Hence the visitors are allowed only till it gets dark in the evening.

This waterfall has a consistent water flow throughout the year. This is the reason, people at any time in a year have fun here. Mostly during winter many people come here to celebrate Christmas and New Year eves. Some put on firewood to get the warmth in the chilly weather. There is enough space for the people to cook food.

Gandahati waterfalls 1st direction board at Adasingi

Gandahati waterfalls 1st direction board at Adasingi photos

Not many good hotels are found there, but some local food and few necessary items are available in small shops near the waterfall. Those who feel like spending nights over there, cannot, because there is a chance of animals coming to the falls for water. Therefore, one can book hotel in Paralakhemundi if at all they want to stay at night. There has been a forest guest house being built for the forest officials to stay there in case of emergency.

Gandahati waterfalls 2nd direction board at Gandahati Entrance

Gandahati waterfalls 2nd direction board at Gandahati Entrance photos

There is a two-way road diversion where we need to take right to go the falls. Beautiful wooden fencing with concrete steps lead towards the fall. On both sides of the steps, there is a big space for cooking, playing, setting up small tents in case of taking rest after enjoying in the water. Rocks, crystal clear water, small pebbles, wooden bridge, a temple, small benches in the garden are very good spots of Photography. This place can be visited for refreshment and work too.

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