Gandahati waterfalls of Odisha 2019

Gandahati waterfalls photos

Gandahati waterfalls

Gandahati waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall which is located in Odisha, lies near to Paralakhemundi, Gajapati District. The nearest railway station to this place is Paralakhemundi and Palasa. The Nearest airport to this place is Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam. However, the common place from where we can reach it by road is Paralakhemundi. This place is 30 km far from the district headquarters i.e. Paralakhemundi.

There are few shops for necessary items and edibles over there. There is no particular restaurant or hotel either on the way or near to the fall as it is in a dense forest cover. However, people who go there usually carry their food or else prepare it there on the spot because there is a lot of space to cook food and water is available in plenty.

Gandahati waterfalls paralakhemundi, gajapati, odisha photos

Those who love trekking can climb the rocks on the sideways in order to reach up to the hill. The flow of water is consistent throughout the year which adds to the charm of this place. Concrete steps with a wooden fencing leads to the falls from the place where we park the vehicles.

The trees near the waterfall forms a thick canopy over it so that it doesn’t matter how hot/cool the weather is, but it is always cool near the falls. The water is crystal clear and sparkling. The huge rocks have become slippery but moss-free because of continuous flow of water.

In the evenings, many domestic animals and wild animals are said to go there to drink water. Many other seasonal birds come there during rainy and winter seasons which add to the scenic beauty of the place.


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