Gandahati waterfall tourist guide 2019

gandahati waterfall gajapati odisha images

Gandahati waterfall, one of the most beautiful and less harmful waterfalls in Odisha. It lies 30km from the main town Paralakhemundi under Gajapati District. The waterfall is a unanimously large way without being perennial in nature. The flew never stops throughout the year.

This place has a whole rush of tourists throughout the year, especially during raining and winter seasons. The means to reach it is by bus or car by the road and by train till Palasa. In Palasa almost all the East and South going trains have a halt there. From Palasa, there are lots of vehicles which can take one to the Gandahati Waterfall.

gandahati waterfall gajapati berhampur odisha images

gandahati waterfall gajapati odisha

As we enter the forest, we can hear a huge falls sound. There is a bifurcation of the road after we move some distance which was we hear it the most. The left side road leads to the falls which have concrete steps till some steps, later a huge empty space to cook and serve food to many people. The opposite side of it this is a garden-like place where we find some benches at a regular distance for people to sit.  There are some play tools for children as well. It seems like a green park over there. A beautiful temple of Hindu goddess Santoshi Maa lies left to the Waterfalls.

There is a wooden overbridge constructed over the underwater so that people can enjoy the other side of the falls. Most people had to cross the water by getting in it to come to the other side bur now because of the bridge the task becomes easy. Actually, the bridge is a common photographic spot for all.

Many seasonal birds come there during the winter season. It is a place for all kinds of celebrations. It is very tech-friendly. Youngsters can easily walk on to the hill with the help of rocks sideways for a larger view of the place.

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