Gandahati Waterfall (2019) | Marvelous Waterfall in Gajapati

Gandahati Waterfall images Berhampur

A beautiful waterfall near to Paralakhemundui by a distance of 30km, situated in a dense forest. It is a house of varied varieties of birds and a number of plant species. The most attractive secret of this place is that the water here falls throughout the year and the origin of this water is not known yet.

This place is perfect for any kind of celebration may it be a family gathering, get together of old friends, an official meeting of a confidential meeting.

Gandahati Waterfall 2019

The water flows through a stream down the hill which is not much deep. Therefore children and non-swimmers can also play and enjoy in the water. There is a wooden bridge constructed over the stream below so that it becomes a selfie spot, showing a waterfall from the height.

Gandahati Waterfall marvelous water fall in gajapati images

Gandahati Waterfall Images

As one enters into the forest nearing to the fall, I hear a huge sound of water falling and splashing over the rocks. It can be heard in utter silence. It is also said that Elephants and many other wild animals used to come to the fall to quench their thirst but now no more.

However, the rocks over there are very slippery and soft. We get to see huge rocks both on the hill and down the fall. People usually sit under the fall on those rocks to take photographs. The flow of the water usually increases as the time passes in a day even though it is fun to play in the water it has its own flow of current which is here one must be bit careful.

There are different species over there for people to look and have food there. There are some small shops for some necessary items and edibles as well. People also carry their food and baggage to stay there on occasions. The dense forest cover of trees does not allow much sunlight on the ground at some places. It is under the supervision of the forest Department of Paralakheundi Division. Therefore, there is a guest house built over there for some of their officials. You need to pay an entry fee of Rs. 5/- per person which may vary from time to time.


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