Best Place to Visit for.......

Weekend picnic with Family

A place to bring out warmth, closeness within different branches of a family tree in this busy life.

Impress your Loved One

Who doesn't like surprises ! Wanna make your proposal a definite Yes, then you must go for it.

celebrate birthday

Special occassions are meant to be special, so add nature to your special day because all else is artificial.

Vacational tour

A movie or anything box-like in today's world makes us feel bored. Add nature to your eyes...

Nature Photography

Who doesn't like to capture Natural Greens, crystal clear water, dark forest cover, wooden constructions, different kinds of rocks.!

Business Meetup

Why not try nature instead of the same boring concrete buildings, ACs and other artificial stuff ?

A Sincere Request

Its Our/Your Turn to Ask Others to
  • 1. Visit

    Everybody is interested to go for the impossible, why not have a glance at the possible.

  • 2. Enjoy

    Fun is always doubled when it is surrounded by nature may it be with family or friends.

  • 3. Keep it Clean

    Its easy to enjoy but difficult to maintain... So please keep the environment clean, its not an order but our duty.

  • 4. Let Others Enjoy

    Already lots has been destructed so its our responsibility to maintain the left ones.


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    Nearest Places to Visit

    Here are Some Places You Might Like
    Khasada Waterfall
    Jeerango | Gajapati

    Another Beautiful Waterfall one should visit in gajapati distich of odisha, which is located at a distance of 5km from Chandragiri.

    Tibetan Temple
    Chandragiri | Gajapati

    Its Tibeten Temple from Gajapati, Odisha. The silence will soothe into our soul. The serenity will gift us with spiritual fulfilment.

    Maharaja Palace
    Paralakhemundi | Gajapati

    It is the Royal palace of Krushna Chandra Gajapati, You can enjoy the exteriors of the Palace Because Visitors are not allowed inside.

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